How To Write a Book That People Will Actually Want To Read and The Best Way For You To Publish Your Book This Year!

Presented By: #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of 16 Books,
“Legendary” Hall-of-Fame Speaker and Trainer For Over Half of the Fortune 500 Companies, Don Hutson

Presented By: #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of 16 Books, “Legendary” Hall-of-Fame Speaker and Trainer For Over Half of the Fortune 500 Companies, Don Hutson

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Hi, my name is Don Hutson

And if you’ve ever thought of writing your own book, then I want you to read this entire letter...

Because inside, I’m going to show you exactly how you can write your book THIS YEAR without feeling overwhelmed or stuck…

Even if you don't feel like a writer.

And I will also share with you my Writer’s Success Formula that shows you...
  • How to choose a book topic that people will actually care about reading without wasting months or years stuck in “brainstorm mode.”
  • What you need to know in order to push past “writer’s block” without sounding “forced” in your writing.
  • And how to tackle writing your first book with ease...
Before I share it with you, I want to briefly tell you a little more about myself.

• I’m the author or co-author of 16 books, including two #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers. 
• I’m also the CEO of U.S. Learning, a premier sales training organization that has served clients in over 30 countries. We’ve worked with over one-half of the Fortune 500, and some of my personal clients include companies like AT&T, Sears, the Marriott, and more.
• I’ve won multiple awards for my speaking, including being inducted into the National Speaker Association’s “Hall of Fame” and serving as its President for 2 years.

But what does this have to do with you?

1.) It means that I have decades of experience writing books. So I know exactly how to help people like yourself write a book that people will actually want to read. 
2.) It also means that I know how to motivate others to reach their dreams.

For an aspiring author like yourself, I believe that there is magic in this combination... Not only can I give you the mindset, tactics and insider knowledge that will allow you to write and publish your book, but I also know the psychological “sticking points” that prevent people from ever fully realizing their dreams.

And now I want to use both of my areas of expertise to help YOU.

You see, there has never been a better time than the year 2020 to write your book... While the world goes through unprecedented changes in the form of a global pandemic and rapid technological advances, entire businesses and market landscapes are shifting to prepare for the “new normal.”

Meanwhile, America’s greatest business owners, entrepreneurs and high-performers see opportunity in the chaos and are busy making what I call a “Turbo Charged Pivot” that will allow them to “skyrocket” their business into the future.

So while the entire world is holding their breath for what comes next…

There is no better time for YOU to become THE premier expert and authority in your industry… And there is no better way to do this than to write your own book.

Not only can it open entirely new business, speaking and consulting opportunities for you, but it also creates a marketing event that gives you an “excuse” to make the rounds on podcasts, radio shows and other media so you can gain more publicity for your brand and business.

A book curates your best thoughts and stories for generations to come. It guarantees that you are able to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, so they will have a piece of you that endures forever. 

And I can tell you that there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than writing your first book.  In many ways, it’s like having your first child. There is a similar magic in witnessing the creation of something beautiful and unique out of nothing. When you open up the first copy of your own book, smell the freshly cut pages and hear that first crackling of the binding as you bend it back slowly to sign your name for an admiring fan or loved one… Well, there are very few feelings that compare.

Except, perhaps, when you read that first review that says…

“Your book changed my life…”

I truly believe that everybody has at least one life-changing book inside of them, even if they don’t believe it themselves.

All you need, really, are two things.
  • Knowledge on a subject matter
  • A personal story
Everyone has a story worth telling... And most people, whether they know it or not, have subject matter expertise in at least one field that they can share with others to positively impact their life.

So what about you?

Do you have a message inside that is “screaming” to get out? Do you feel called to share a message that you know would impact the lives of thousands of people…

• But you don’t know where to start?
• Or do you feel like — Me? I’m not a writer?
• And question your decision to even try to write a book?

If so, you’re not alone.

You see, even though everybody can write a book... Most people don’t.

In fact, even though 81% of Americans report that they would like to be an author one day, only .00044% ever actually publish their book. So what happens to the other 80.99956% of people who get lost on the road between desire and reality?

Well, I believe that these “want-to-be authors” fail because they lack one of 4 key ingredients needed to successfully write their book.

And missing just one of those ingredients can be the difference between publishing success and a book-writing nightmare.

I discovered these “key ingredients” while writing my first book “The Sale.”

Even though I’ve now authored or coauthored more than a dozen books. And even though my latest book took me only 10 weeks to write…

“The Sale” took me more than 10 years…
  • I simply couldn’t find a way to finish it. 
  • I felt guilty taking time away from my family to write it.
  • ​I worried that no one would even read it.
  • I imagined an editor reading it and laughing at every sentence.
  • I felt like I wasn’t a good enough writer
  • I wrote, rewrote and deleted entire chapters, going nowhere.
  • I toyed with the outline for months on end.
  • And I faced crushing writer’s block...
Without sounding too self-serving…

I wasn’t used to so much “losing.” And because I was so used to easy success... The fact that I was being beat so handedly by this book was a major blow to my ego. And even though I tried to push it into the back of my mind and ignore it… I could still feel its “unfinished weight” nag and gnaw at me from the corners of mind.

To make matters worse, at the time I was traveling all across the country speaking at big events and having people come up to ask me… “Don, when are you going to finally write that book?” Every time someone did I felt my stomach sink. I knew they meant well, but it truly hurt me to face up to my shame at not being able to finish what I started. (Especially as a “motivational speaker”).

But after many months and years of grueling struggle, trial and error and consistent effort… And the serendipity and guidance of several close friends with way more publishing experience than I had… I was finally able to publish “The Sale” in 1996 and sell more than 150,000 copies of it — a truly humbling success.

Holding that first copy in my hand made all the hardship worth it.

As you already know, after “The Sale” I went on to publish 15 more books. And now I feel the confidence to write any book I want in record-time. And without facing any of the challenges and mental-blocks that plague so many other writers.

So what does this all mean for YOU?

Well, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my writing process. And I’ve also met a lot more best-selling authors and publishing experts who have shared decades worth of valuable insights with me.

And all of this experience has shown me that most want-to-be authors struggle with one of four key ingredients in the writer’s formula. If you miss just one of these pieces, you will get a wildly different outcome. And likely never finish your book.

It’s like trying to add up some numbers in a calculator. You can have 9 out of 10 of the numbers in your equation right... But if you slip in a “5” instead of an “8…” Or put the decimal two places back when you should have only put it three back… Or hit the division symbol when you should have hit the plus sign… You’re going to get a totally different outcome.

And the same thing happens when you’re writing a book. It’s why I’ve taken great pains to narrow down these 4 key ingredients and put them into what I call the “Writer’s Success Formula.”

And now, for the first time ever, I’m going to share it with you in this letter. I’ll be the first to admit that the “Formula” is simple, but if you understand it deeply, then I truly believe it to be powerful and life-changing for aspiring authors.

The “Writer’s Success Formula” is…

                    (Vision + Skill + Discipline) x Passion = Outcome

Or (V+S+D) x P = O/C for short.

Every single one of these components (Vision, Skill, Discipline and Passion) is crucial to you getting a successful outcome when writing your book.

1.) Vision: If you don’t have “Vision,” you’ll never get the job done. And vision is about so much more than just “wanting” to write a book.
2.) Skill: Skill is all about your specific expertise and knowledge. This is about identifying the precise message and story that you can share to change the lives of others.
3.) Discipline: Nothing ever gets done without discipline. However most people struggle with setting up a consistent routine that allows them to finish their book quickly.
4.) Passion: This is the only “multiplier” in the entire equation. Without passion, your book will flop even if you’re the greatest writer in the world. But with it, you can create books that touch people’s souls deeply.

Of course…

It’s not enough to simply know WHAT each part of the “Writer’s Success Formula” is…

You also have to know how to carefully prepare each ingredient.

Things like…
  • How to develop an “Iron Will” that guarantees you meet your writing deadlines.
  • Why you need a detailed understanding of your Who, What, Why and Why Now?
  • ​How to use the “Prioritization Principle” to create time without feeling guilty.
  • How to master the “Write & Edit” cycle (most people don’t get this, and it creates unnecessary friction when writing)
  • The true reason why most writer’s experience “overwhelm” and never finish their books.
  • How to perfect your writing style so that you communicate clearly and shield yourself from unfair criticism.
  • Why you need to use the “V/C/AP Methodology” so you never have to worry about what you’re going to write each day again. 
  • The secret to identifying your true “SME Area” (most people never do, and it makes writing their book impossible).
  • ​How to “sell yourself” so that you have a steadfast, unshakeable commitment to your book.
  • ​Why using the “sawdust method” to write your book and can make the process 10x easier.
And more that I couldn’t even fit inside this letter.

- Don Hutson

why i created the fearless writer's boot camp...

Over the course of 5 Days I will be providing live, deep-dive training into each “ingredient” of the Fearless Writer’s Formula…
And giving you access to a private Facebook Group where I can personally answer your questions and where you can meet countless other aspiring authors who are in your exact same position.

So you can learn exactly how to develop each piece and write your book within the next 6-9 months.

These are the things that NO ONE else is teaching, because, frankly, no one else has the kind of publishing experience or inside knowledge that I have.

Nor do they understand human psychology and motivation the way that I have had to while serving as the CEO of a sales-training organization for more than half of the Fortune 500.

I’ve learned how to help others ACTUALLY achieve their dreams and vision for their life. And I’ve done it thousands of times over my life.

I’ve even personally mentored and coached other aspiring authors using my “Writer’s Success Formula…”

Just like Dr. Katherine Blackney, a PhD therapist from Memphis, who writes…

“Don helps me feel as if I can write a book. You know he enjoys what he does, and that he’s so excited to help me get my material out in the world. The level of confidence I feel from working with him is amazing. With him, I know that I’m not doing it alone. He’s with me, and that has been so helpful.”

Or Shar Meakins, a Registered Nurse from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, who says…

“When I first met Don, I didn’t even think I could write a book. I doubted that I had enough value to give. But Don has been very much my cheerleader. He gave me the motivation to complete a book of excellence. And he helped me overcome hurdles I never would have been able to do independently.

Shar began writing her book in December 2019. And she’s set to send off her draft to the publisher this September 2020.  For a first time author, finishing a book in under 10 months is a remarkable achievement. But Shar isn’t the only one... 

I’ve seen firsthand how much it helps for new authors to have a guide by their side who can “demystify” the entire writing process so they can start writing their books in record time. And I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction from this work.  

In fact, out of all of my accomplishments, very few have brought me as much pure joy as seeing the smile on a new author’s face when they finally have their breakthrough, see that they too can be a writer, and go on to publish their books...

So I want to deliver that experience to YOU.  Short of hiring me as your mentor, this boot camp is the closest you can get to having me by your side, holding your hand through the process. 

So know this...  You CAN:
• Write your book in a shorter time than you ever thought possible...
• Experience one of life’s most exhilarating journeys...
• Change the course of your business and career FOREVER, by opening up enormous opportunities… 
Gain the kind of crystal clarity to your thoughts that will make a flood of new insights come rushing in… 
• Leave a legacy for all of your friends, family and loved ones… 
• And share your message with thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of people who need to hear exactly what only YOU can say... 

If you want any of those things...  Then Fearless Writer’s Boot Camp is for you. 

There are not enough words that I can say to humbly tell you that if you’re an aspiring author, that I think this is one of the greatest opportunities you’ll ever find to help you get started... So I truly hope that I see you inside of the training. We’re going to take you from “aspiring” to “published…” 

And I promise you that almost nothing will bring you, your family and your business more satisfaction..  And I know that it would do the same for me... And I love a good win-win deal.


  • Have you ever wanted to write a book, but didn’t know where to start?
  • Do you feel like you have a story within yourself that is SCREAMING to get out?
  • Have you ever worried that “I’m not a writer...”
  • ​Are you a subject matter expert with experience that you KNOW can help others?
  • ​Do you fear that you don’t have something original to say?
  • ​Have you ever experienced crushing writer’s block that stopped you cold in your tracks?
  • ​Did you start writing, but never found a way to finish?
  • ​Do you want to grow your business and career, and launch new exciting business opportunities for yourself?
  • ​Have you ever wanted to know FOR SURE that people would love your book?
  • ​And do you want to leave a legacy of your greatest thoughts and wisdom for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?
If so, then this Boot Camp is 100% for you.

I designed it for anyone who wants to write their book, but needs a little guidance from someone who has gone through the process before. This Boot Camp is especially useful for business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who want to write a book in the self-help or business genre.

When you publish a book, you can open up an unprecedented amount of opportunity in your life. A book can launch an entirely new consulting or speaking career. It can bring fresh attention to your business, corporate culture or product. 

And it can give an “excuse” for you to make the circuit across popular podcasts, radio shows and YouTube channels, gaining massive exposure for yourself and your brand.

Think about it... 

You never heard Charlie Rose say, “And my next guest has just written a blog…”

And did you know that…

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, wrote a book titled “Delivering Happiness” to build publicity for his company, explain the company’s culture to attract top talent and scale Zappos to a billion dollar company?

Or that Adam Braun, the founder of Pencils of Promise, used his book “The Promise of a Pencil” to raise awareness for his charity to grow it from a $25 donation into an award winning non profit which has built more than 380 schools?

Or that HubSpot used their book “Inbound Marketing” to promote their unique method of marketing and grow their company to 674.9 MM in annual revenue?

These are just a few examples of how a book can change the course of a business or a life.

So if you want to experience enormous growth in your business or career, feel immense personal satisfaction and leave a tremendous legacy to those who you love… 

Then the Fearless Writer’s Boot Camp is for you.

I have taken great care to put everything I’ve learned over the last 26 years of my career as an author into this course (including lessons learned from many of my personal friends in the industry like Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Ken Blanchard).

It includes EVERYTHING that I wish I knew when I first set out to write my book more than 3 decades ago. If I had access to something like this Boot Camp then, I would have probably have finished my book in a LOT shorter time than 10 years.

I don’t want you or anyone else to struggle the way that I did to experience the pure joy that comes from being a successful author.

In this program, we will blast through any of your limiting beliefs and fears like...
  • What if nobody reads my book?
  • What if my book isn’t good enough?
  • What if my book’s not original enough?
  • ​What if it makes me look stupid?
And show you that you DO have something unique to say and share with others. 

And that you CAN find the right words to say it in.

In fact, there are people out there RIGHT NOW who are waiting for the exact knowledge and story that only you can share. 

So what’s going to happen if you DON’T write this book?

Isn’t just one person saying “you changed my life” worth it to you?

If so, then I truly hope you let me be your guide on this wonderful journey.

Click the button below NOW to join us.
Don Hutson has had an exhilarating and “legendary” 50 year career as a speaker, consultant, sales trainer, CEO and author.

He has won numerous awards for his speaking, including the NSA’s CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame Award, the Cavett Award, the SMEI’s International Speaker Hall of Fame Award, Consummate Speaker of the Year Award, the 2014 Master of Influence Award and the VSC’s Legend of the Speaking Profession Award. He served as the President of the National Speakers Association and is a member of numerous clubs including the Society of International Business Fellows.

While serving as the CEO of US Learning — a premier sales and business training organization — Don was a trainer and consultant to some of America’s biggest companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500. Some of his past clients include the GoodYear Company, Xerox, MasterCard, AT&T, Sears, Marriott, and MetLife.

Don is a multiple New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller and has sold more than 500,000 copies of his books. He has entered the inner ranks of the publishing world and befriended world-renowned best selling authors such as Jack Canfield and Ken Blanchard.
Don has received personal praise for his books from the likes of Zig Ziglar, Mark Sanborn, and Michael Gerber. And he’s been featured for his books on publications like ABC, PBS, NBC News, Fox News, Success Magazine, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Don got his start as a salesman while studying at the University of Memphis. He went on to become the top salesperson in a national training organization, giving presentations to over 1,500 small groups before setting out on his wider speaking circuits. 

He now devotes a large portion of his time to personally mentoring others to the same heights of publishing success that he’s achieved, and is proud to present his new Fearless Writer’s Boot Camp.

What comes with the bootcamp?

in the bootcamp you get...

  • 5 Days of Live (or Recorded) Virtual Training with Q&As from Don
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group of Other “Fearless Writers”
  • Daily Emails, a Workbook PDF, In-Group Assignments and Prizes

So you can walk away knowing…

  • How to immediately know what book YOU should write, so you don’t waste precious months and years stuck in “brainstorm mode”
  • What to do if you want to push past writer’s block without sounding “forced” in your writing.
  • Every step of my “Fearless Writer’s Formula” (V+S+D) x P = O/C that will make writing your first book flow easily.
After you click “Join the Boot Camp” below, you will receive an email from me with instructions on how to join our private Facebook Group and download your free workbook. From that day forward, you can log on to our growing community of other “Fearless Writers” made up of other entrepreneurs, high-performers and men and women in business. This is a great place to chat, add new friends and make new connections.

Then from August 17th to August 21st, I will go live on Zoom to deliver 5 daily trainings that cover the 5 parts of my “Fearless Writer’s Formula.” Don’t worry if you can’t make any of the training live, because you will be given an access link that will take you to the recorded session. All Q&As will take place within the group.

At the end of each training day, you will receive an “assignment” to help you immediately put what you learned to use. This is where your “workbook” will come to bear, because I specifically designed it to follow along each day of the training. Then, every morning you will receive an email from me that recaps the previous day, encourages you to share an “assignment” with the group, and gives you the chance to win daily prizes.

Even though a weeklong seminar like this could easily be priced between $2000 to $3000, I decided to make it only $27. I chose the lowest price possible so that anyone can join with little to no risk (about $5 a day). But I wanted to create just enough of a barrier so that only people who are serious about writing their book get access.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Arise 2 Read, a literacy program that helps teach children in poverty to read by Grade 3. Roughly 2 out of every 3 children who don’t read by that age end up in jail or in welfare. You and I both know the power of reading, so I wanted to help make sure the next generation of children can enjoy that magic as well.

There is no other way to receive this level of insider training from someone who’s “made it” in both the publishing and sales profession. And especially not for such an affordable price. I hope to see you inside.

My promise to you:

If you attend all the training sessions and complete all the homework, but do not feel like you got a minimum of 10x your investment, just send us an email to and we will refund every dime of your tuition, no questions asked :)

This training is powerful, so I stand behind it 100%.

If you look at this photograph above you’ll see a copy of my first book “The Sale.” It was published nearly 26 years ago and took me over 10 years to write. 

My latest book “Selling Value,” took me only 10 weeks to write.

The difference between those two is everything I plan to teach in the “Fearless Writer’s Boot Camp.” I want you to shorten the process that I took, so that you can write your book in months, not years. And so that you can avoid all of the pain and failures that I went through, and write your book with “ease.”

I truly hope to see you on the inside of this training when we start on August 17th. I think there will be nothing else like it.

Here’s to the beginning of your incredible journey as an author. I hope you let me serve you as a guide on it.

- Don Hutson

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